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<span>Frequently</span> Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been nominated to be the Lodge Captain during my stay. What is involved in being a Lodge Captain?

Being Lodge Captain means that you are the first point of contact for the other guests at the Lodge if something needs replacing, or if something has occurred at the Lodge that needs attention. For further details on the role, please see the Lodge Captain Form, located on the Forms page.

Do we need to bring linen?

Yes, you will need to bring bed pillows, sheets, pillowcases and bath towels.

Are blankets provided?

No, each guest will need to bring their own blankets for their specific bedding configurations.

Does Talara provide food?

No, Talara does not provide food. Every guest will need to provide their own food and drinks. Each room is designated with a pantry shelf and the fridge/freezer is communal. Thredbo has a fully stocked supermarket for all your food items, and a bottle shop is also located in the Village.

Does Talara have parking?

Yes, Talara has two designated parking spots at the bottom of the stairs. If these spots are taken by other guests, you will need to find alternate parking in the overnight parking areas located in the Village.

Does Talara have a cleaner?

Yes, Talara has professional cleaning every Friday during the winter months to do a clean of the Lodge. However, all guests are required to vacuum their rooms, empty their bins and clean their en-suite* prior to departure. During the summer months a cleaner does not visit, and guests are required to clean all the bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas of the Lodge prior to departure. * Room 1 & 7 only

How do I make a booking?

Bookings can only be made by a Talara Member, or a Friend of Talara. No bookings will be actioned if the email/phone call comes from a person who cannot name their referring member. After your dates are confirmed as available, you will then need to submit a booking form. Booking forms are available for download on the Forms page.

Can I invite friends to visit Talara when I am there?

Yes, guests are allowed at Talara, however they are not permitted to stay overnight for any reason, unless they are paying guests. All visitors will need to be considerate to other guests, and keep the noise to a minimum.

Can I use the Internet at Talara?

Talara does not have Wi-Fi. Guests are welcome to bring an external dongle to plug into their computers, or tether to their mobile devices to gain access to the Internet during their stay. Further details can be obtained from your mobile provider.

Bookings Availability

Click here for information on our room availability.

Please note this starts to be updated after the member booking window has concluded and confirmed bookings have been loaded into the system.